New Builds and Extensions

If you are having a new home built, or are adding to your existing home with an extension, then we are ready to offer a full plastering service.

We will professionally fit new plasterboard to timber stud-work and ceilings using dry-wall screws. Dry-wall screws aren’t as susceptible to popping and damaging the boards through hammering, as the old fashioned way of nailing is. You will often see old nails popped (where the plaster-board breaks away from the nail) on old ceilings, especially where the loft has been used for storage.

Solid walls can either be traditionally ‘wet-plastered’ with a backing coat such as Browning or even sand and cement. Or the modern method is to stick plaster-boards on the wall using dry-wall adhesive.

There are advantages to both; traditional methods are more hard-wearing and solid, but can take up to a few months to dry properly in damp weather. Great for fixing fasteners for hanging pictures, as well as repairing damage should it happen.

‘Dot & dab’ as it is sometimes known, is quick to dry and can be decorated in a week. You can fit plaster-board fixings for heavier objects, and it has the advantage of adding a small amount of insulation from the air-gap between board and wall.

Bathrooms can be fitted with moisture resistant boards (the green ones) and areas where sound could be a problem can be lessened by using ‘Soundbloc’ boards (the blue ones). Pink ‘Fireline’ boards are used in fire risk areas where living accommodation is above, like a garage with a bedroom above, or where building regs require.

We can work out a full, supply and fit price, or just labour only if you prefer to supply the materials. We can also work on a day rate should that be more suitable, so contact us for a quote.

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