Covering Artex

Long gone are the days where having textured finishes on your walls and ceilings is fashionable. In fact a heavy pattern can actually make a room look smaller by casting shadows across its surface.

Old Artex™ can contain asbestos, not the most welcoming of news, so don’t go scraping it off if you are not sure. Older textured finishes can also be lime based, which is a real problem when it comes to skimming over them. The weight and dampness of new skimming literally pulls it away from the backing, leaving a dry, powdery residue due to the lime-wash or distemper used. After all, there will be over 30 kg of mixed plaster going onto the average small ceiling!

The safest way to overcome problems with textured finishes is to fit new plasterboard over the existing ceiling. Not only does this give a good surface to skim onto, but it removes the chance of a weaker layer underneath giving way and your ceiling crashing down on top of you. The plaster-boards are screwed directly into the joists, which not only strengthens the original ceiling, but also adds another layer of insulation.

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